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Dr. Eric A. Canny

Educator, Entrepreneur, Faculty, Producer, Researcher, Founding Director and Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Canny is Founding Director and Chief Innovation Officer for the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation.  He is Partner and Chief Innovation Officer of International Risk Mitigation, a multidisciplinary business risk consultancy providing independent and objective risk assessments, compliance services, and cutting-edge risk management information.


Dr. Canny is Co-Founder and Producer of Genesis Films, a documentary film company focused on showcasing "wicked problems" around the world and solutions to them.  He is Co-Founder and CEO of the Genesis Media Foundation, leveraging media to enact change in education, human rights and immigration, environmental and food sustainability, as well as medical needs and rights. 

Eric has launched two minority owned business in Phoenix, AZ designed to meet the needs, and be managed by, the local Latino community.  This is his third entrepreneurial enterprise in three years.

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Dr. Canny is a faculty member at the University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education in the Doctoral Program for Organizational Change Leadership, where he combines theory with real-life application specific to leaders managing change in complex organizations. Dr. Canny also teaches at Grand Canyon University, utilizing innovation labs where student teams learn entrepreneurship and critical thinking skills to address real world problems.   He is also consultant on educational, organizational change, innovation, entrepreneurship, team building, diversity and leadership.

Previously, Dr. Canny served as Vice President for Program Management at CEA Study Abroad, responsible for executing a worldwide division to ensure consistent communication and management between academic sites and headquarters concerning all aspects of daily operations.  Dr. Canny was accountable for 23 academic sites offering more than 475 distinct programs across a wide range of geographies, cultures, and program types.  He implemented a cutting-edge model of student learning assessment in and outside of the traditional classroom to track learning outcomes.  This model utilizes databases linked to student assessment to track learning outcomes in a multi-dimensional way across an institution as well as longitudinally. Additionally, he developed and implemented a unique Student Success Model to monitor student well-being from pre-departure to re-entry.  


Dr. Canny served as Dean of Global Education at Augsburg University, overseeing the nationally award-winning Center for Global Education and Experience.  He headed an expanding holistic model of globalization for Augsburg based upon strengthening, as well as expanding, the institution’s unique approach and commitment to programming globally aligned with the 35 years of operations of the Center.  Other positions held include Stetson University, University of North Texas, New York University, Columbia University, and The Hetrick-Martin Institute. He was named one of the best and brightest under 30 by The Advocate Magazinefor his work at The Hetrick-Martin Institute.  While at New York University, he was part of the team that expanded NYU’s study abroad presence from 4 to 10 sites, and 400 to 4,000 students annually in a span of 8 years.  Dr. Canny is a consultant on educational, organizational change, and leadership.

Eric has authored articles on various international education issues, including a chapter in NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad, Fourth Edition. He recently published a chapter on "Study Abroad Retention and Student Success" in "Critical Assessment and Strategies for Increased Student Retention" (IGI Global.) He presents globally on topics relating to international education and diversity; higher education trends and recommended practices; cultural transmission; risk assessment and mitigation; holistic large-scale program development and implementation; gap analysis; and the deployment of technology in global operations of higher educational institutions, with a particular focus on the specific needs of global processes while integrating with other systems.  Dr. Canny has been an invited delegate to the World Innovation Summit for Education, where he has presented multiple times.


Dr. Canny has 24 years’ experience in educational policy and programming, academic curriculum development and accreditation, admissions, risk assessment and crisis management, student and staff development, and non-profit event management.  


Dr. Canny was team-lead for opening US higher educational institutions in: Argentina, China, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, Israel, Myanmar, Palestine, and the United Kingdom.  He has overseen expansion of existing programs in Chile, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, Spain, and Thailand as well as other countries.  Dr. Canny has traveled to more than 55 countries.  He received his B.F.A and M.A. from New York University, and his Doctorate from the University of Southern California.

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