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Risk Assessments & Evaluations

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Services offered by the Foundation's Risk Assessment Program are designed to either support the creation of projects, ensure that projects are feasible, or support organizations engaged in project development through routine compliance and audit checks.

The Foundation uses a multi-sector approach coordinated across relevant economic sectors and subject areas. It is a collaborative planning approach that engages a variety of stakeholders representing the given region’s social structure to focus on a coordinated, collaborative network working across the various sectors. Information generated in this assessment process provides both the requesting entity and the funding entity with the knowledge needed to address project risk, thereby improving project efficiency.​

Global Risk Mitigation Foundation Featured Consulting Service:

Managing Supply Chain Risks

Votonsi Bridge under construction at Kas

The Foundation’s partner corporation, International Risk Management, offers sourcing services designed to address supply chain and sourcing risks identified by the Foundation. For additional information regarding sourcing services, please contact Chuck Lopez 

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