Global Risk Mitigation Foundation Services

Through out network of experts, and connection to myriad other non-profits, there are few services GRMF cannot provide.  From training, grant writing, legal or fiscal compliance, to security as well as educational project management we have the resources to deploy our team on a global scale to meet your project needs.  All our services are guided by GRMF's Vision and Mission, below are some of our primary areas of focus.

Annual Membership Package

  • GRMF works closely with you to deploy proactive solutions utilizing our proprietary holistic approach to manage and mitigate risks and threats which ultimately reduces massive waste of resources and time.

  • Our services are customized to your needs such as for New Business Development, Trade, Tariff & Sanction Exposure, Partnership Profiles, Project Impact, Risk Reduction, Supply Chain Auditing, and Negotiations to name a few.

  • Our interlocking assessments focus our expertise of such areas as Culture, Geopolitics, Ethics, Education, Environmental Risk, Healthcare, Food & Water Security, Sensitive Technologies, Strategic Alignment, Supply Chain and Tropical Agriculture. 


Foundation services include:

  • Preliminary Assessments and Viability Determination

  • Private Sector Assistance

  • Donor Agency Assistance for US Government and multilateral agencies

  • NGOs and nonprofit assistance

  • Extensive client collaboration protocol

  • Feasibility Determination

  • Ongoing Risk and Compliance Auditing

  • Enhancement of organizational  performance

  • Identification of new business strategic directions & opportunities

Our Risk Mitigation consultants have expertise in a broad range of areas, with particular focus in:

Additional areas of expertise for the organization include:

  • Cybersecurity

  • Health

  • Power/Energy

  • Climate

  • Environment

  • Security

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Water

  • Native Peoples

  • Women's Rights

  • Children's Rights

  • LBGT Rights 

  • Emergency Services

  • Religion

  • Insurance

  • Disease Control

  • Medical