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Annual Membership

Annual Membership Packages include:

  • GRMF works closely with you to deploy proactive

      solutions utilizing our proprietary holistic approach to

      manage and mitigate risks and threats which ultimately

      reduces massive waste of resources and time.

  • Our services are customized to your needs such as

      for New Business Development, Trade, Tariff & Sanction

      Exposure, Partnership Profiles, Project Impact, Risk

      Reduction, Supply Chain Auditing, and Negotiations

      to name a few.

  • Our interlocking assessments focus our expertise of such areas as Culture, Geopolitics, Ethics, Education, Environmental Risk, Healthcare, Food & Water Security, Sensitive Technologies, Strategic Alignment, Supply Chain and Tropical Agriculture. 


GRMF offers three levels of membership:

Bronze Level

  • Provide updates on global trade issues

  • Provide relevant op-ed

      (company, country, industry)


  • Monthly VCD newsletter

  • GRMF Newsletter

Gold Level

  • All Bronze benefits

  • Assist with profile

  • Email introductions

  • Included on the GRMF“Radar

      List” for and U.S.

      Commerce Department

  • Monthly Q/A session with GRMF

Platinum Level

  • All Bronze & Gold benefits

  • Actively promoted on the GRMF “Vietnam Consortium List”

  • Networking representation at workshops, events, meetings and conferences

  • Arrange meetings with U.S.


  • Access to trade networks & relevant partners

Annual Contract Package


Determined on Case by Case Basis and includes Platinum Level benefits

For additional information please email:

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