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David F. Day

​​David F. Day, Esq.

Senior International Lawyer and Chairman, Global Risk Mitigation Foundation

 David Day is one of the Indo-Pacific Region’s leading international legal practitioners, with special emphasis on Asia and the Pacific Islands. He is based out of Hawaii. 


In addition to active legal practice, David is also the Chairman of the Board of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation (GRMF). The Hawaii based 501(c)3 Foundation is focused on holistic risk assessments and solutions for businesses, NGOs, and government entities. David is also the Chairman of International Risk Management, Inc. a risk consultancy. 

 A number of the projects David is engaged in necessarily include geopolitical issues between the United States, China, and selected Asian allies. He has also been involved in the development of capacity-building programs to bolster national security with American allies in Asia as well as project funding for capacity-building projects in Southeast Asia. 

David is the Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Belt & Road Task Force. This new international ABA program is focused on the legal challenges and opportunities posed by China’s Belt & Road Initiative as well as the response by the United States and other nations. The Belt & Road Task Force deals with complex issues that run the gamut from international business & trade, needed hard and digital infrastructure development of smaller & poorer nations, geopolitics, corruption, espionage and national security. 

David is also the Chairman of the Trade Policy Committee of the U.S. National Association of District Export Councils and a member of its National Board of Directors, representing the entire Pacific Region and the Southwestern U.S. He is a Director of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council (and its former Vice-Chair). 


In recent months, David has provided a number of speeches and detailed briefings on China’s Belt & Road Initiative, the new U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy, current U.S. Trade Policy, the South China Sea, the rise of radical Islam in Southeast Asia, and the challenges and security implications for the post-war reconstruction of Marawi City, Mindanao for both the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific Region. These briefings have been before Asian Cabinet-level Ministers, think tanks, diplomatic teams at U.S. and Asian Embassies and Consulates along with private sector business groups and conferences in both the U.S and Asia. 


As a U.S. business lawyer, David has been on the ground extensively throughout the Indo-Pacific Region in deal-structuring and negotiations and is currently involved in a variety of commercial projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Japan. 


David continues to handle various commercial, corporate, international business and complex litigation matters in Hawaii, on the U.S. Mainland, throughout Southeast Asia & the Pacific Islands Regions (a more specific delineation of legal expertise can be found here).


His client mix has ranged from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. He has also represented the interests of the Japanese and Iranian governments in Washington. 

David is also a frequent speaker and faculty leader/professor on international business and legal topics at Executive, ExecMBA and MBA-level courses and symposiums throughout the Region. David has also been a Visiting Professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu in international dispute resolution, working with the private sector, and anti-corruption with senior military, security professionals and diplomats as his students. 


David has hosted and appeared on many television and radio shows on topics involving international business, trade, foreign policy/geopolitics, and national security. 

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