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Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Chan, CEO and a Founding Director of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation, for being named of one of the top 40 young lawyers on the rise by the American Bar Association.  We are proud to call such an amazing lawyer our colleague and friend.

Our Foundation proudly highlights an important work just completed by one of our key Advisors, Prof. Kerry Gershaneck.  Prof Gershaneck is one of few the global authorities on the subject of political warfare—that includes all forms of unrestricted warfare short of actual kinetic combat itself.  He has also been a substantial contributor to the Foundation’s training and capacity-building courses in this area. 

Prof Gershaneck has just published an excellent book entitled, “Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to 'Win Without Fighting’.” The book is available to you without charge. You can either download the book for free in PDF format at https://www.usmcu.edu/Portals/218/Political Warfare_web.pdf or write to Marine Corps University Press Director Angela Anderson to obtain a hard copy of the book at angela.anderson@usmcu.edu.


This is what the former Director of AIT Taiwan had to say about the book:


"Political Warfare" offers a carefully researched assessment of the PRC threat to win without war and the political strategies and tactics to do so. The book is based not only on open sources and interviews but also on Gershaneck’s 35 years of experience, in the military and as an academic, working on national intelligence, counterintelligence, and international relations, both in the U.S. and many countries overseas.

--William Stanton,Taiwan News


You can access William Stanton’s full book review here: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4063024


About the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation.

GRMF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on the development of holistic, comprehensive risk assessments and solutions. GRMF enables project and organizational performance enhancement through complexity aware monitoring for private sector, government entities, and NGOs. GRMF offers internal organization assessments, risk identification, development of solutions to minimize risks, development evaluation, and ongoing compliance using its unique comprehensive interlocking risk assessment protocol.


Highlighted Global Risk Mitigation Foundation Projects.

Marawi Reconstruction 

GRMF is participating in a multiphase project designed to provide aid to the wartorn city of Marawi, on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Initial components of the project focus on the immediate needs of healthcare and risk assessments to prepare for urban reconstruction. GRMF is contributing to Philippine Red Cross efforts and collaborating with Tacha Fund for Children. 


The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is pleased to be working on the reconstruction of the wartorn city of Marawi, on the Philippine island of Mindanao and has commenced fundraising for this work. 

Fundraising for this initiative can be accessed here

Further information on the project may be found at the following page:

Film and Video Development

The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is collaborating with Genesis Films to develop audio-visual assets such as video and film as an integral part of a holistic communications solution for selected GRM projects. These assets will support risk identification and stakeholder engagement/collaboration. Further information may be found at the following page:

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Global Risk Mitigation, rural infrastructure development and research on agricultural risk management. Among the Foundation's projects is the assessment of agriculture risks, soil contaminants, dioxins, Agent Orange, agricultural projects

Rural Infrastructure & Agricultural Risk Management

A key interest of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is the support of rural infrastructure development and research on agricultural risk management. Among the Foundation's projects is the assessment of agriculture related risks, including the presence of soil contaminants and dioxins such as Agent Orange. Information about the Foundation's agricultural projects may be found at the following pages:


Our Most Unusual Asset — Our Experts

Our greatest asset is our unique

multi-disciplinary team of well over 150 advisors, experts, and consultants located all over the world.


This extraordinary team allows us to harness and focus the necessary expertise for any given project, assessment or assignment. 

You can view a portion of this team here.


Contact GRMF.

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