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Rural Infrastructure Development

A key interest of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is the support of rural infrastructure development and agricultural research.  Within the unique framework GRMF offers, our approach cuts across traditional silos to include developing technologies, innovative methods, and new knowledge that better enable farmers along with all stakeholders to improve crop production, incomes, and management of natural resources.  In particular, GRMF examines how economically and ecologically efficient use of resources can raise agricultural productivity and improve livelihoods while minimizing negative environmental impacts.  Finally, reflecting our focus on holistic mitigation and research, balancing inclusion of cultural history in agriculture is required alongside rising demand for products without unsustainable use of natural resources.  Reversing this trend requires while balancing the many sides of rural instratructure development and research is at the heart of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation work.

 Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • agricultural biology

  • agricultural economics

  • agricultural engineering

  • agronomy and crop production

  • animal science

  • biotechnology

  • disaster preparedness

  • food and nutrition

  • food safety

  • genetics and plant breeding

  • horticulture

  • logistics and transportation

  • plant protection

  • soil and water resource management

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