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What We Do

Doing business is fraught with risks, many of them unseen. Without proactive risk management, hidden risks often emerge and catch the unsuspecting by surprise.

This wonderful piece below was produced by Code Red Films, one of India's leading ad commercial production houses. Directed by Gajraj Rao, this scene is used to illustrate the point made in the video regarding the slippery slope of bribery & corruption once an individual or an organization starts down that path—it never ends. Unless, of course, appropriate risk mitigation expertise is applied...

Risk mitigation does not need to be purely defensive, as shown in this video. Properly developed, proactive holistic risk mitigation can in fact lead to alternate business strategies and new opportunities for an organization.

The Risk Mitigation Foundation, together with its affiliated organizations, addresses the issues illustrated above as well as other potential pitfalls. The Foundation offers a full menu of holistic risk evaluation, management and compliance services for the benefit of its clients and stakeholders. 

These include the following:

  • Project Assessments & Evaluations

  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Educational Training & Workshops

  • Organizational & Individual vetting/background 

  • Internal organizational assessments, compliance & audits

  • Risk challenge solutions & potential project/strategy modifications to handle

  • Project impact & unintended consequences evaluations

  • New business development with risk components pre-calculated

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A unique aspect of any of the services which the Foundation undertakes is the careful incorporation of a holistic, “whole-of-society” multi-sector approach to risk assessment, mitigation and management. This "Non-Siloed" approach is coordinated across relevant economic sectors and subject areas which are highlighted and detailed throughout this website.

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