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The "Third Rail"

Third Rail Mitigation focuses on aspects of mitigation that do not fall in the traditional risk mitigation categories of legal and financial accountability. These aspects include:

  • Political Risk

  • Economic Risk

  • Criminal Risks

  • Fraud

  • Corruption

  • Terrorism

  • Insurgency

  • Social Instability

Traditional risk analysis in this field is triggered primarily after the fact, often through accidental tip offs. Even with knowledge of these risks, organizations frequently do not know how to mitigate and minimize risks in this area.


The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation takes a novel, proactive approach to managing Third Rail related risks, actively gathering intelligence through its global information network and providing recommendations to clients.

This scene from "The Legend of Suriothai", produced by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 2002 by Prommitr Co., Ltd., is used to illustrate point made in the video above regarding the access to authority by corrupt means.

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