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GRMF's Marawi Team briefs Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Foundation's Directors, David Day and Elizabeth Chan, conducted an extensive briefing on the Marawi situation with the Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin, Jr. and his UN Mission team along with the Philippine Consul General at the UN Mission in New York. Previously, Secretary Locsin was the Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Philippines.

Prior to briefing the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in New York, the Foundation's Marawi team conducted an in-depth briefing of the Marawi situation with the Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Jose Manuel “Babe” del Gallego Romualdez, and his Embassy team in Washington, D.C. In addition to Foundation executives David Day and Elizabeth Chan, the Embassy briefing was attended by the Foundation Advisors Bing Branigin (Director for International Diplomatic Outreach), Chuck Lopez (Director for Southeast Asia), and Michael Sacharski (China Advisor).

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