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The Commercial Side of the New Indo-Pacific Strategy

As a part of the Annual National District Export Council conference in Washington, D.C., the Foundation's Chairman, David Day will be the Moderator for this program on October 3, 2018. His two guests will be (invited) Matthew Pottinger, Director for Asia, National Security Council-- the White House and Diane Farrell, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, U.S. Department of Commerce. DAS Farrell is the point Commerce executive responsible for the development of the commercial & economic side of the new Indo-Pacific Strategy for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The development of this new "Indo-Pacific Strategy" is a part of a new national security policy announced by the new Administration.

Among the issues under consideration for this program are:

What is this new “Indo-Pacific” Strategy and what are its origins? What is the U.S. Government’s role in the development of this new policy? Where does the private sector fit into this new strategy and what are the ramifications for business in Indo-Pacific Region going forward?

For additional information about this program, the conference, or to register, click here.

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