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Pacific Islands Director based on Guam, Dr. Pamela Peralta visits GRMF team in Hawaii

The Foundation's Regional Director for the Pacific Islands, Dr. Pamela Peralta, was in Honolulu for meetings with Founding Directors David Day and Dr. Elizabeth Chan. Dr. Peralta is based on Guam and has does economic/business development work in a 4,000 square mile sweep of the Pacific which encompasses a number of the Pacific Island nations as well as U.S. flag territories. Dr. Peralta also met with Rob Haak a GRMF Advisor. While in Honolulu, CEO Elizabeth Chan and Dr. Perlata participated in a tour of the Foreign Trade Zone warehouse facility at the Honolulu Harbor. In addition, GRMF hosted an dinner with Dr. Peralta which was attended by Advisor Darryll Wong (Disaster group), Dr. Chrissy Gayagas (Logistics), and Charles Goodwin (Anti-corruption/security group) along with the Foundation's CEO Dr. Elizabeth Chan and Chairman David Day.

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