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Japan's Typhoon Jebi: The Necessary Calamity

Contributing Writer for the Japan Times and the Foundation's Director for North Asia, Dr. Robert Eldridge*, published an opinion piece which addressed the recent Typhoon No. 21 in Japan, known internationally as Typhoon Jebi. Dr. Eldridge comments that,

"My hope for those especially in the Osaka area, but really throughout Japan, with this typhoon — that they realize and respect the destructive power of nature and the potential for added harm by poor human decisions (especially the lack of planning and preparedness), and proactively make amends to strengthen their collaborative ability to respond."

(Photo:Two ships sit grounded on a breakwater strewn with debris at Amagasakinishinomiya Port in Hyogo Prefecture on Sept. 6 in the wake of Typhoon Jebi. | BLOOMBERG)


*Dr. Robert D. Eldridge, a Kansai-based expert on disaster response and preparedness and the GRMF Regional Director for North Asia, is the author of numerous works on U.S.-Japan relations and disaster cooperation, including the recent “Before Operation Tomodachi” (Reed International, 2018), available on Kindle. He served as the political adviser to the forward command element of U.S. Forces Japan at Camp Sendai following the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

To access Dr. Eldridge's full commentary piece, click here.

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