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China’s plan for conquest of the South Pacific

GRM Advisor Kerry Gershaneck has just published a substantial piece in Asia Times which details the Chinese movement into the island nations and U.S. flag territories of the South and Western Pacific.

Professor Gershaneck writes that Beijing’s militarization of islands and features it claims in the South China Sea is by now widely seen as a threat to freedom of navigation in one

Chinese Marines stand at attention prior to a welcoming ceremony at the start of the ship's stop in the port of Papeete French Polynesia, on October 23, 2015. Photo: AFP/Gregory Boissy

of the world’s most strategically important waterways.

He goes on to state that, "What’s gone less noticed, however, is how Beijing could use those emerging forward bases to project power into the South Pacific, where critics say Beijing harbors “neo-colonial” ambitions and the United States maintains crucial naval and air force bases on Guam."

To access the full article, click here.

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