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Rate Hikes, Trade War - Chinese Citizens Have Plenty To Be Worried About

Grant Newsham, a GRM Foundation Adviser and Director of its Financial Integrity and Anti-Corruption group, published this piece in the A AND Magazine on the background against which the tariff/trade dispute with the U.S. must be viewed.

Migrant workers confront Chinese paramilitary police in Beijing over a pay dispute. Strikes and worker protests are on the rise across China. | Photo: CNN

Mr. Newsham underscores that despite regime propaganda of an arms-linked populace aiming to restore Chinese greatness, all isn’t calm in the PRC. He points out that China’s domestic security budget is bigger than its ‘regular’ defense budget, and the regime no longer reports on popular demonstrations – though word sometimes leaks out. With the right spark – such as a serious economic stumble – angry citizens such as the truckers and military veterans who protested recently might as easily turn their attention on Zhongnanhai and the CCP leadership.

You can access Mr. Newsham's full piece here.

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