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The Singapore Summit: Sometimes you gotta wait

Grant Newsham, a GRMF Board Advisor and Director of its Third Rail group writes in this piece published in A AND Magazine:

"It was comforting to see who accompanied Mr. Trump in his meetings with the North Koreans. John Bolton – not exactly a friend of tyrants. John Kelly – a former Marine General, but more importantly, a tough customer from a part of Boston former-Secretary of State John Kerry is not so familiar with. And Matt Pottinger – one of the few people to ever serve in the National Security Council who knows what a punch in the face from Chinese Ministry of State Security goons feels like."

Mr. Newsham writes that it is necessary to set the pundits aside, and that the the Singapore summit meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un is a useful reminder that with some things in life, you've just got to wait.

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