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"Game On" for the U.S. & China in 2018

Exactly how is this going to Impact your China Operations and Your Overall Business Strategy?

The International Trade Association of Chicago hosts Risk Mitigation Advisor Michael Sacharski for this intriguing program.

The “Game On” competition, according to Mr. Sacharski, is going to be a global head-to-head contest in which each contestant’s respective affiliation in regional trade groups will only have a secondary and peripheral impact at best. Certain players will have a ringside seat and in pursuit of their own interest join the contest. The heavy-weights: U.S. and India, China and Russia; everyone else in the region will experience intense contending fields of gravitational pull from China and the U.S. respectively, starting in 2018.

Mr. Sacharski’s career spans 30 years of living and working in China. He has had an unbroken string of on‐the‐ground work experiences across China’s development arc; from post‐Cultural Revolution devastation to today’s global giant conducting sophisticated transactions around the world, including the leadership of GTE China.

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