“The Point of No Return? China’s Choice After the Nuclear Posture Review”

David Santoro, a GRMF Advisor, is also a Director and Senior Fellow for nuclear policy at the Pacific Forum. Dr. Santoro, an expert on sensitive technology and nuclear policy issues, writes in this piece that too little attention has been given to the implications of the Nuclear Posture Review’s assessment that today’s security environment is characterized by the “return of great-power competition,” especially more combative dynamics with Russia and China with far-reaching implications. Interestingly, Dr. Santoro warned just over a year ago that US patience is giving way to skepticism that nuclear dialogue with Beijing will ever start:

“As the United States is gearing up to make important decisions about the modernization of its arsenal in the context of rising nuclear dangers, including sabre rattling by both Russia and North Korea, it may well decide to abandon hopes of engagement with China and adapt its policy and posture as it sees fit.”

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