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White Warships, Little Blue Men, and Looming Conflict in the East China Sea - China’s “Short, Sharp

"...this paper will address how China’s military campaign to take the Senkaku Islands would likely unfold, to include China’s campaign objectives; the military and para-military forces it will employ and how the PRC is preparing those forces; how it might counter U.S. intervention; how it would occupy and control the islands."

This paper provides eight specific recommendations to mitigate the risk of the increasingly threatening situation in the East China Sea.

Risk Mitigation Advisor Prof. Kerry Gershaneck teamed up with Mr. James E. Fanell for this in-depth and thought provoking piece.

Mr. Fanell is a Government Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), and the former Director of Intelligence and Information Operations (N2/N39) for the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He specializes in Indo-Asia Pacific security affairs, with an emphasis on the Chinese navy and its operations.

Prof. Gershaneck is also a Senior Research Associate with CPG at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Law, the Distinguished Visiting Professor at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, and also a Senior Associate with Pacific Forum CSIS, and a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer.

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