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Legal Mitigation

Legal services are a critical component of any project. The Legal Mitigation services offered by the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation include:

  • Independent and impartial assessment of legal needs

  • Preemptive and continuing evaluation to detect possible risks

  • Coordination of legal services

  • Resource information on pertinent laws, regulations, and experts

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Key areas of law include the following:

  • Administrative/Regulatory Law

  • Corporate and Financial Law

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Negotiation

    • Banking Regulation

    • Commercial Arbitration

    • Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Counterterrorist Financing

    • Contracts and International contract law

    • Financial Law and Regulation of Financial Markets

    • International Trade Law

    • Secured transactions/Insolvency

    • International Trade

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Environmental/Energy

  • Human Rights

  • Indigenous Law

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Law

  • Labor & Employment Law

  • Rule of Law & Judicial Independence

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