How We Work

Any development project or situation comes with risks in multiple fields; risk may be preexisting, or may arise in the course of a particular project. Nevertheless, there are means to minimize such risks, whether preexisting, potential, or unforeseen. Within the project development process, the Global Development Risk Mitigation Foundation seeks to address these risks through coordinated risk assessment and compliance, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sustainable projects and operations.

In its role in the project development process, the Foundation plays a critical role in risk management and compliance. In the preliminary evaluation phase, the Foundation and its affiliated Mitigation Organizations first examine the extant risks associated with a given project across a broad range of topic areas, including the key areas of legal, financial, geopolitical, and cultural risks. Under these broad categories, the Foundation provides detailed assessments of potential risks that exist and may arise during the course of the project. Throughout the project’s development, the Foundation continuously monitors all matters that may adversely impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the project, including the internal compliance of organizations participating in the project and of other organizations.


In addition to the Foundation’s role in project execution, the Foundation also seeks to identify potential risks existing in a broad range of topics, proposing possible solutions through the development of projects that may solve the needs of potential clients. A key area of interest to the Foundation is disaster mitigation, which seeks to address inevitable disasters, whether natural or manmade, through the preemptive development of plans to manage such disasters. An example of the Foundation’s work in this area is the development of a holistic approach to deal with disaster planning, mitigation, response, and restoration. Through this work, the Foundation hopes to extend its ability to evaluate risks on specific projects to broader social risk management and prevention. 

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