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The information and opinions below are provided for reference only and do not reflect the policies, opinions, or views of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation itself or of any of its affiliated organizations.

Ala Wai Watershed Restoration Project video

The Hawaii Exemplary State Foundation has released a video overview of the Ala Wai Watershed Restoration Project to coincide with the return of the Polynesian Voyaging Society's Hawaii based canoe Hōkūle`a. The Ala Wai Watershed is a major disaster risk in urban Honolulu. Risk Mitigation Advisor Major General (Ret.) Darryll Wong, a Director of both the Disaster Mitigation Organization and the Hawaii Exemplary State Foundation, is featured in the video.

For additional information about Hawaii Exemplary State Foundation and the Ala Wai Watershed Restoration Project, please visit

For additional information about the Polynesian Voyaging Society, its work to preserve traditional Polynesian voyaging science, and the Hōkūle`a's three year worldwide voyage, please visit

Major General (Ret.) Darryll Wong 2017 Recipient of The Kekumano Noblesse Oblige Award

Extraordinary Service to the State and the Community


This year, the coveted Kekumano Award given by Maryknoll School in Honolulu was given to Major General (Ret.) Darryll Wong, a Risk MItigation Foundation Advisor and the CEO of its affiliated, Disaster non-profit organization. The Award celebrates and perpetuates the spirit of service to others and giving back to the community in fulfillment of Maryknoll's motto of Noblesse Oblige – to whom much is given, much is expected.

Building Resilience to Catastrophic Risks

Get your family prepared

Risk Mitigation Advisor and the Chairman of its affiliated Disaster non-profit, Tim Manning, in this interview, addresses the role of the public/private partnership, or PPP, in the resilience-building process but focused at the household or family level.

Mr. Manning was the former Deputy Administrator of FEMA.



H/T: The National Research Council

Planning for Borderless Communities in Disaster Response

The Challenge of "Tyranny of distance" in Disaster Mitigation

In this brief FEMA interview, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Darryll Wong, explains the concept of the "borderless community" addressing the challenge of disaster response and management where communities are isolated.

General Wong is a Risk Mitigation Advisor and the CEO of its affiliated Disaster non-profit.

Interview with Tim Manning: Partnerships for Effective Disaster Management 

Interview with Tim Manning, Deputy Administrator for Protection and National Preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). R3ADY Asia-Pacific (formerly APDR3, the Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Network), in conjunction with the U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference in Honolulu, held a 2-day special event, “Partnerships for Effective Disaster Management: A Roundtable with Multi-Sectoral Leaders”  The event brought together 25 practitioners and thought leaders from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia from the U.S. and Japan for a roundtable discussion on how to sustain and harness the full potential of multi-sectoral partnerships in disaster risk management.

Mr. Manning is the Chairman of the Risk Mitigation Foundation's affiliated Disaster non-profit and a Risk Mitigation Advisor.

Critical Need for the Development of Broadband Capability


From the perspective of disaster response, emergency management & national defense

In this brief interview, Maj. Gen (ret.) Darryll Wong, a Risk Mitigation Advisor and CEO of its affiliated Disaster non-profit, addresses the important need for broadband development and speed.

The Private Sector/SME's

Critical for a community's ability to prepare for and respond to disasters

Tim Manning, the former Deputy Adminstrator of FEMA,  is a Risk Mitigation Advisor and the Chairman of its affiliated Disaster non-profit organization.

In this Asia Pacific Business Forum interview, Mr. Manning discusses the critical need for investing in the private sector and bolstering its ability to respond to disasters. He also discusses a "whole of community " approach that is required not only to prepare for a disaster, but to adequately respond to one as well.

Cybersecurity Disaster Mitigation: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

The Nuclear Power-plant


U.S. nuclear power-plant cybersecurity expert and Risk Mitigation Advisor Amin Leiman sits down with the Risk Mitigation Foundation's Chairman, David Day, in a  discussion on the ins and outs of cybersecurity protection for the most dangerous of all critical infrastructure components: the nuclear powerplant.

HADR/Disaster Response

The Silver Lining

The opportunity to deepen friendships, alliances and trust as a consequence of a successful HADR undertaking.


Interesting comments on the change in perception by Japanese public opinion following the successful Operation Tomadachi in Japan.

A unusual televised conversation between Shizuoka Prefecture's Governor Heita Kawakatsu and the Risk Mitigation Foundation's Chairman, David Day.

The Human Hacking Side of Cybersecurity

The "social engineering " piece

Amin Leiman is on the Board of Advisors of the Risk Mitigation Foundation. He is a cybersecurity expert with nuclear powerplant expertise and joins David Day in this conversation on how hackers use physical espionage through social interaction to enhance their digital breach capabilities.

Loss of Critical Infrastructure: Disaster Repair/Community Standup

A unusual conversation between Gov. Heita Kawakatsu (Shizuoka Prefecture - Japan) and Risk Mitigation's Chairman, David Day, on mitigation efforts following the loss of nuclear powerplants. This mitigation effort was necessitated by the loss in nuclear powerplants in the wake of the Great Tohoku earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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