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Disaster Mitigation

In line with its holistic approach to risk assessment and mitigation, the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation's approach to disaster mitigation is designed to enhance community and organizational resilience through comprehensive assessment of community and organizational needs.

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Disaster assessments focus on the following areas:

  • Environmental practices/challenges

  • Hazardous waste challenges

  • Health and pandemic exposure

  • Power and energy needs/challenges

  • Physical cybersecurity status/sophistication

  • Critical infrastructure protection/repair

  • Water practices & needs

  • Food security practices & needs

  • Climate change exposure

  • Emergency service status/condition & needs

  • Emergency service availability, including UAV with video and sensors

  • Ecosystem restoration

  • Disaster preparedness education & training (coordinated with Education)

  • Supply chain vulnerabilities (coordinated with Logistics)

  • Community repair/standup

  • Sanitation

  • Counterterrorism (coordinated with Third Rail)

  • Legal barriers (coordinated with Legal)

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