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The information and opinions below are provided for reference only and do not reflect the policies, opinions, or views of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation itself or of any of its affiliated organizations.

When Education and Culture Clash: Afghanistan's 1st Women-only University 

Dr. Aziz Amir Interviewed by the BBC

"One of the main causes of the long lasting conflict and violence in Afghanistan is lack of education and specifically lack of education for women. Women have long been marginalized and deprived from access to education. Children of educated mothers are very less likely to join terrorist organizations and destroy their own country." - Aziz Amir  


The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation's Dr. Aziz Amir, a member of the Foundation's Board of Advisors and a distinguished Afghan cardiologist, was recently interviewed on BBC radio about the beginnings of his remarkable women-only university in Kabul--Afghanistan's first and accomplished without outside support or funding. 

You can access this remarkable January 2, 2018 BBC interview here.

The video is of the previous 2016 formal ribbon-cutting ceremony opening of MEC attended by Her Excellency The First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani along with the Ministers of Education and Higher Education. Dr. Aziz Amir is in a dark suit and tie to the left of the First Lady (in green with sunglasses).

Critical Aspects of Korean Culture

Whether Exporting or Doing Business in Korea

William Oberlin, a member of the Risk Mitigation Foundation's Board of Advisors, formerly the President of Boeing for South Korea and the Chairman of AMCHAM Korea for nearly a decade, lays out, in this presentation, a number of the key aspects of Korean culture that are essential for doing business successfully in South Korea.

Mr. Oberlin's presentation was delivered live to a number of Hawaii exporting companies and was also streamed  to a many other firms throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Vietnam and Indonesia: 2 Radically Different Cultures

Important Business Cultural Components of each

The Chairman of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation, David Day, gave a presentation to Hawaii exporting company representatives on the cultural challenges in successfully entering the Vietnamese and Indonesian markets. While the presentation was live in Honolulu it was also streamed to a number of firms throughout the Hawaiian islands.

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