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Marawi Reconstruction

The Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is pleased to be partnering with the Philippine Red Cross on the reconstruction of the wartorn city of Marawi, on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Initial components of the Marawi Reconstruction project focus on the immediate needs of healthcare and risk assessments to prepare for urban reconstruction.  




Phase I will focus on:  

  1. Security, an essential over-arching project component that must be put into and kept in place for the balance of the project, together with any of its subsequent phases. This component is essential for project workers as well as local residents and must be retained to prevent future conflict.

  2. Medical/Healthcare, with hospital and the destruction of medical facilities. This need is paramount as the refugees remain in temporary settlements as well as their shifting back to permanent housing, and finally as part of the core infrastructure build.

  3. Clean water, essential to prevent additional health challenges as well as enable successful implementation of the urgent medical and healthcare needs.

  4. Children’s education, to avoid the common loss of a generation while the children remain in refugee status.  Moving children back in school, de-stresses families, allows additional focus on the rebuilding process, and will prepare the entire community to move forward with a sustainable education system focused on balancing local culture with the skills needed for a global economy. 

  5. Additional project components as prioritized by the Marawi community, recognizing that local needs and priorities are of the utmost importance. 

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