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The information and opinions below are provided for reference only and do not reflect the policies, opinions, or views of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation itself or of any of its affiliated organizations.

Key Legal Issues for New Exporters: David Day

...including tips on how best to handle the inevitable corruption overture

Risk Mitigation Chairman David Day delivers this lecture to Hawaii companies looking to export their goods or services into the Asia Pacific Region. Mr. Day addresses key legal considerations for those new, first-time companies engaging  with new partners or overseas markets. Topics covered include: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and techniques for handling attempted corruption overtures, negotiation considerations when operating cross-border, international contract enforcement challenges, and developing & protecting Intellectual Property.

This lecture runs 1:33:50, including the Q & A at the end.

The "Sallyport Global" Scandal

Logistics gone haywire: Fraud, Sex trafficking, Overbilling, Theft, Project & Contractor Mismanagement


The latest stumble in efficient project execution and waste management is the "Sallyport Global" scandal in Iraq, echoing the prior "Fat Leonard" scandal and the myriad calls for more efficient, holistic, and collaborative compliance review and risk assessment by the Special Inspectors General for Afghanistan and for Iraq.

China's Culture & Organized Crime

Corruption that is Endemic and Systemic

A conversation between former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Hawaii & the Asia Pacific Region, Charles Goodwin,  "3rd Rail" CEO Grant Newsham, and David Day, the Risk Mitigation Foundation Chairman.

The topic is China, the Bo Xilai trial, and whether China is serious about moving against corruption.

The Human Hacking Side of Cybersecurity

The "social engineering " piece

Amin Leiman is on the Board of Advisors of the Risk Mitigation Foundation. He is a cybersecurity expert with nuclear powerplant expertise and joins David Day in this conversation on how hackers use physical espionage through social interaction to enhance their digital breach capabilities.

Other Roles of the Yakuza in Japanese Society

They may not be what you think

Former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Hawaii & the Asia Pacific Region, Charles Goodwin, joins "3rd Rail" CEO Grant Newsham and David Day, the Risk Mitigation Foundation Chairman, for this conversation.


The discussion focuses on the role of the Yakuza in Japanese society and covers such interesting topics as the Yakuza involvement in dispute resolution and its role as a venture capitalist in Japan.

The "3rd Rail"

Often Overlooked and Typically Misunderstood

Grant Newsham, the CEO of The "3rd Rail" organization of the Risk Mitigation group and David Day sit down together for an extensive discussion on the concept of the "3rd Rail" in Risk Mitigation in a television broadcast.

Corruption in China: Another Execution

Risk Mitigation Chairman David Day is interviewed about the execution of an influential member of the Judiciary in Chongqing, China on charges of corruption and rape.

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