Collective Security Is America's Only Hope

Dr. David Santoro writes in this comprehensive piece: "Given that U.S. primacy cannot endure, and that accommodating Russia and China is unwise, Washington should work with Moscow, Beijing and others to promote the establishment of functioning collective-security regimes in Europe and Asia." He argues that in a context of intensifying major-power competition, the US is and should focus on strengthening deterrence of Russia and China, but should also reflect on the longer-term relationships it wants and can have with them, notably in Europe and Asia. He comes out against both the maintenance of US “strategic primacy” and an accommodation of Russia/China and instead, suggests that shooting for the establishment of collective-security arrangements in Europe/ Asia may be a better option.

David Santoro is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation and a Founding Director of its affiliated Sensitive Technology mitigation NGO. Dr. Santoro is also the Director and Senior Fellow for Nuclear Policy at Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic & International Studies.


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