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Dr. Eldridge's Advice re Japan's Strategy on TPP Debated on the Floor of the Diet

Dr. Robert Eldridge, a member of the Risk Mitigation Foundation's Board of Advisors and the CEO of its affiliated Project Information Office for the Alliance in Japan, was interviewed in a feature article in the major Japan newspaper, the Sankei Shimbun, on December 8 on trade and the TPP. In that interview, Dr. Eldridge offered his advice on the direction that Japan should take on these critical issues. Later that same morning, on the floor of the Diet, House of Councilors' Member Mitsuo Gima of Upper House’s Special Committee on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, cited the article and Dr. Eldridge's trade advice and approach in an exchange directly with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Dr. Eldridge had recommended Japan move forward with the agreement regardless of U.S. participation and develop a market and institutions that the United States and other democratic countries abiding by the rule of law and good governance would wish to join.

Prime Minister Abe, in his response, implied that Japan would follow the direction suggested by Dr. Eldridge. Shortly thereafter, Japan did, in fact, ratify the TPP. You can view Dr. Eldridge's Sankei Shimbun article here (in Japanese) and you can watch the exchange between Councilor Gima and Prime Minister Abe here.


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