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Our Network

Key to development efforts is the systematic collaboration between organizations and resources. To facilitate its risk management efforts, the Foundation maintains a Board of Advisors, a directory of financial fraud experts, analysts, investigators, lawyers, and other subject-matter experts and specialists who can quickly and jointly apply their collective expertise and vast networks to emerging problems and questions.


The Foundation also collaborates with its Board of Advisors and other nonprofit organizations to develop a comprehensive, continuously updated database of professional organizations and consultants. This database serves as a source of consulting expertise for the Foundation’s activities. Additionally, the Foundation offers a template and information database for the assessment of potential risks associated with development projects in specific countries. The Foundation’s database is created through a combination of internal research activities and an active outreach program, with Foundation representatives regularly appearing at domestic and international professional conferences and other events.

Global Risk Mitigation Foundation is comprised of an unparalleled network spanning the world, with depth of expertise in all areas related to risk mitigation.  

While we showcase our Board of Advisors, the entire network that can be called on exceeds 150 experts who are committed to ensuring all areas of the Foundation's work undergoes risk analysis from planning to execution.


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