Grant Newsham, a GRMF Board Advisor and Director of its Third Rail group writes in this piece published in A AND Magazine:

"It was comforting to see who accompanied Mr. Trump in his meetings with the North Koreans. John Bolton – not exactly a friend of tyrants. John Kel...

David Santoro, a GRMF Advisor, is also a Director and Senior Fellow for nuclear policy at the Pacific Forum. Dr. Santoro, an expert on sensitive technology and nuclear policy issues, writes in this piece that too little attention has been given to the implications of t...

October 24, 2017

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Grant Newsham argues in this piece published in Asia Times, that Japan's allergy to nuclear weapons might well be overcome if the perceived need were great enough. Among other examples, he cites Japan's aversion to having their Self Def...

Dr. David Santoro writes in this comprehensive piece: "Given that U.S. primacy cannot endure, and that accommodating Russia and China is unwise, Washington should work with Moscow, Beijing and others to promote the establishment of functioning collective-security regim...

October 9, 2017

Grant Newsham, a Risk Mitigation Advisor and the CEO of its affiliated Third Rail organization,  was interviewed by VOA's Victor Beattie, and stated that Kim Jong Un's strategy "is really about preserving the Kim dynasty in North Korea as opposed to what happened to Ir...

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