A new book recently published by Mr. Amin Leiman, an Advisor for the Risk Mitigation Foundation which  applies the philosophy of karate  to the world of business and project management. A short, easy read for those wanting to master the higher level of the project mana...

"...this paper will address how China’s military campaign to take the Senkaku Islands would likely unfold, to include China’s campaign objectives; the military and para-military forces it will employ and how the PRC is preparing those forces; how it might counter U.S....

Dr. Robert Eldridge, a Risk Mitigation Advisor, is launching a monthly seminar series in Tokyo beginning August 3 , which will also include lectures about the alliance, disaster preparedness, along with Japan's diplomatic and security challenges, including Okinawa-rela...

"Influential parts of America’s professional foreign policy commentating class are finally, and predictably, coming around to the idea that nothing can be done about North Korea’s nuclear weapons and long range missiles, and that the US needs to 'get used to it.'”


Starting at $99. The Obsidian offers high-quality printing at a low price and runs on non-proprietary firmware. It comes ready out of the box: simply load your filament, plug the power in, and you’re good to go.

Last week the White House imposed sanctions against a Chinese bank, two individuals, and a shipping firm for facilitating illegal transactions with the rogue state. This is only the very beginning of the necessary sanctions squeeze, writes Mr. Grant Newsham in a piece...

Dr. David Santoro, a nuclear proliferation and sensitive technology expert, published this article for Pacific Forum CSIS. Dr. Santoro points out that it is counterproductive to regard North Korea's ICBM test as a "game-changer." He takes the position that sanctions ne...

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